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LACPAW finds permanent homes for stray, shelter, and other animals in need. We are run primarily by dedicated volunteers and fosters. We house, train, transport, and nurture the animals in our care. We have rescued many neonatal litters, urgent medical cases and abused and neglected animals of all breeds and ages. Our goal is compassion. We aim to be a resource for people and animals, and by helping one in turn helping the other.

What we do

Your donation is essential to pay for medical, food, training and transportation for each animal in our care. These animals do not come into our care in their best shape. It is your donation that allows us to achieve their best self.

Selena & Fitzy
Selena & Fitzy were rescued together from a home where their owner was forcibly evicted and it was reported to us was mistreating them. After many months in our care and Fitzy receiving cancer treatment they both now live in loving homes where they remain today.
Neonatal Litter and Mamma
We responded to a critical case where someone abandoned a mother cat and her few old day kittens inside a carrier outside of a dilapidated house. We took immediate action. After much around the clock and emergency care, we were able to rescue the mom and four out of her five kittens.
Golden Conure Reunited
A rare event, a Golden Conure flying around outside. After luring in this amazing bird we were able to reunite “Odette” with her owner, matching the band number around her foot. We were brought to tears when we were met by a large family who were overwhelmed with joy.
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